Adams Green

Project Team Members

The City of Quincy as the municipality in which the project is located, the City will provide leadership and oversight of this project. Managing the project for the City will be Planning Director Dennis Harrington, Manager of Engineering for the Quincy Center District, Frank Tramontozzi, P.E., and Principal Planner, Kristina Johnson.

Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc. is the prime consultant and leads the project team. Howard/Stein-Hudson (HSH) is responsible for project management and serves as the liaison between the project team, the City, and other involved agencies. HSH is responsible for conducting field research, conducting traffic and parking studies, developing the design plans, and leading the public involvement process. Nathaniel Cabral-Curtis, the public involvement specialist for this project, is a member of HSH.  To contact him, please click here.

Halvorson Design Partnership Inc. will work with the team and community to address urban design and landscaping.

Toole Design Group will work with the team and community to ensure that the roadways and streetscape around the new Adams Green are bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

TrafInfo Communications, Inc. will provide traffic modeling including VISSIM traffic simulations to help the public understand how vehicles will flow under the proposed conditions.

Epsilon Associates, Inc. will address environmental permitting and historic resources. The project team understands how important history is for the Quincy community and will move ahead with appropriate sensitivity.

A-Plus Construction Services Corp. is responsible for survey and base mapping.


Quincy Revitalization
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